Hi, we're Keel

We’re creating a new way for businesses to build and run software. A platform where there is no distinction between the application and the infrastructure it runs on, where 90% of the code is written for you, and where common problems find simple and intuitive solutions.

Despite the huge amount of innovation in the world of developer tools, building great software and systems is still frustratingly out of reach for so many businesses. We believe this is because although it’s never been easier to deploy a database or a cloud function, getting from these low-level components to production-ready software requires months of engineering work and an almost endless list of choices that need to be made. The barrier is just too high.

We are building Keel for these businesses and we’re not shy of saying that our vision for the future is huge. We’re building something so bold that it might not make sense the first time you see it, but soon you can’t imagine the world without it. We’d love you to come help us build it.

Who are we?

As founders we’ve already worked together for years building Europe’s fastest growing online pharmacy and experiencing first hand the problem we are solving. We are backed by some of Europe’s best seed-stage VC’s and are well funded. We are excited about creating both a wildly successful business and also one that people love to work at.

Our Values

We trust each other
All relationships are built on trust, and so this is our root value. Our approach is to build a team of immensely talented, smart and kind people, and trust them from day one. Everyone should feel ownership and autonomy in their work and be empowered to have a meaningful impact.

A big part of this high trust environment is genuinely flexible working hours. We focus on outcomes and not output, and we know that some of the best thinking can happen while on a walk in the woods or when visiting the monkeys in the zoo. Take that walk. Go see the monkeys.

We work in the open
People make better decisions when they have all the context, so we believe it’s important that wherever possible work is happening out in the open for all to see. We love doing demos, we share our work and our thoughts early and often, and we welcome comments and criticism. 

We tell stories
We think that one of the best ways to communicate is to tell a story. This might be the story of why we started Keel, the story behind a new feature, or a story about our customers. These narratives give us a shared understanding of where we’ve been and where we’re going.

When we tell stories about the future we imagine a world that hasn’t happened yet and imagine our place in it. It’s through telling these stories, and attempting to bring them to life, that we will be truly innovative.

We help each other out
We root for each other and love to see others succeed. Our decisions and behaviours are driven by the pursuit of our collective success. When we find ourselves in front of an obstacle, we stay positive and support each other until we find a way forward. When we find ourselves in conflict or disagreement, we don’t try to force our opinions on others, but rather listen and seek to understand their point of view.

We care about the details
Whatever we’re doing, we pay attention to the little things. Those small details that give something a sense of quality and show that love and care went into making it. This isn’t about perfection though but rather about seeing a Minimal Lovable Product as the bar for something being ready to go out into the world.

How we work

We are committed to creating a culture where everyone feels safe to be who they are and empowered to become who they want to be.

We are solving hard problems and want to do the best work of our lives together, but that does not mean spending our lives at work. This is one of the reasons that we are building a remote first team, so you can work when and where you are at your best without missing those precious daily life moments.

We know from previous experiences working remotely that face to face time is still hugely important for building personal relationships, and so every three months we will spend a week away together in a comfortable and relaxing location to get to know each other better and celebrate our achievements. We want everyone to be able to attend these getaways and will provide whatever support is required, for example covering childcare costs.

As a small (for now) team working fully remotely we also believe it’s really important to have the right mental health support in place, and so we are partnering with Oliva who provide access to qualified therapists on an on-demand or regular basis.

Above all, we are building this together and will keep iterating so that we create a truly inclusive and diverse culture that is defined by actions rather than just words.